Privacy Policy Statement and Terms at Standards Services

Note: Standards Services' Privacy Policy to be used as a warning against fraudulent activities pertaining to recruitment and manpower support.

When you land up on our website for your search queries, we collect the primary user-related information along with your device and browser details to help you in your future experiences with us and to improve our business communication strategy. This has nothing to do with your data loss.
Your privacy is our foremost concern and priority. We are here to protect your personal information in every way possible along with expecting a similar behavior from your side. Also, keeping in mind that the web is not 100% secure so we cannot assure the protection of data transmission over the internet by any other means. This can happen with either party, therefore being cautious is mandatory.

There have been cases where individuals and members of the third party have concerned our brand entity. It's a matter of grave seriousness and we do not support or address such fraudulent recruitment activities by individuals posing as recruiters and consultants or even employees of Standards Services. As leading recruitment and manpower consultancy in Delhi, we do not charge any money from the candidates and also spurn the circulation of such illegal practices. Those who are tricking candidates with such sham assurance to gather large amounts of money are advised to stay away from such false promises of making job offers to our candidate base.
Anybody who wrongfully attempts to use the company's name in any manner as in through fabricating fake websites and supporting other official activities in order to legitimize their activities to lure innocent candidates to fall into this trap would be accountable for legal actions. The fact is we do not charge any fee from the candidates, at any stage of its recruitment process.

Such communications are purely made with the intent to deceive the candidates. No organization or individual is allowed to state reviews or comments about the company. Standards Services has not authorized any individual or organization to acquire any kind of payment from candidates in the entire recruitment process. We assist candidates with hiring and job consultation and this takes place quite rigorously without any involvement of additional fees against the services. So, beware of similar incidents (if any) because we do not support such deceitful activities.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact